Explain with Technology: Expository Style

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Did you learn the important ideas in this activity? This quiz helps you demonstrate what you learned about the expository style of writing. Your answers are not recorded, and the quiz is not scored.

Please read all possible answers first, and then choose the best answer.

  1. An expository essay is a good choice for which of the following purposes?

  2. In what format would you most likely use the expository style of writing?
    Personal narrative
    Research paper
    Short story

  3. Which of the following would make a good first sentence for an expository essay?
    Many scientists have used recent data to conclude that Pluto is not a planet.
    Despite recent data, Pluto should continue to be classified as a planet.
    Pluto’s light brown surface, with just a hint of yellow, might remind a space traveler of an autumn leaf.